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Management Consulting

Our consulting team can cover any aspect of project management within your organisation.

Methodologies and standards vary in
today’s global project management environment. In most companies several project methodologies for different project types are often necessary.

Fox Resourcing's professional consulting services help you select and implement the right methodologies and standard to reach your business objectives and goals. Our team can provide help to assess your current stage, including; project management maturity, business compliancy requirements, the cultural context, the current operations status and the business objectives.

The following are a few of our management consulting services:

Portfolio Management

Defining, structuring and implementing strategies to gain a better understanding of the projects individual contribution to the company’s strategy and the value you expect to derive from these projects. We can facilitate the establishment of a portfolio management system that includes a tailored selection process to manage the company’s priorities.

Project Deliverable Model

Developing strategic models to help your organisation to define the appropriate standards and methodologies that will speed up organisation execution and deliver the best value within the company’s value chain.

Performance Management

Assessing the effectiveness of functional areas through the project life cycle including defining appropriate metrics that will increase support from all key stakeholders and ensure that business outcomes are achieved.

Project & Business Alignment

Working with your projects, programs or portfolios our teams can assess the alignment of the projects outcomes with the company’s strategy and objectives (part of business value-based project management).

Project Management / Tools and Software Selection

Working with your environment and assessing the product selection base for your specific project management requirements.

Outsourcing Assessment

Assessing your strategy and helping you determine the business case for outsourcing. We can also review your current outsourced arrangements for gaps identification and provide recommendations for improvement.


General Management Consulting

Partnering with you throughout any project life cycle and helping your organisation overcome performance problems.

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